Portoferraio  bay
+lat+: 42.7991 +lon+: 10.3456

Portoferraio  bay

The Bay of Portoferraio

The bay of Portoferraio unfurls its beauty to those approaching by sea. This attractive bay is situated on the southern side, opposite the “Schiopparello” beach, which offers boats a safe haven from the winds blowing from the south. If you happen to be near the harbour, you can anchor but caution should be taken in high winds; also take care not to moor near the ferry route. Vessels must not be left unattended, without the skipper on board: the Harbour Master’s office carries out inspections.

Beaches in the area

There are some beautiful beaches to the west of Portoferraio town, and they can easily be reached by boat: Sorgente and Sansone are famous for their white pebbles, which show off the transparency of the water. To the east, still within the bay of Portoferraio, are Bagnaia and Nisporto beaches.